Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Feminist rant

I just saw this video about pink tax on Self magazine Facebook page and it was so irritating for me.

I know that women's razors and girls Legos cost more and this is not OK. We should fight against it.
Women need tampons or some feminine products for periods and men don't have periods. We all know that.

BUT. why  does Self need to make a video that actually enhances gender inequality when raising awareness in this subject?
Why does the woman in the video need a new leather jacket and jewelry each year and the man in the video doesn't even get a wristwatch?
And men actually really need face care products to deal with razor irritation. So suitably the man in the video is with beard. My hair dryer is 10 times cheaper (no joke) that my partners electric razor and we both have been using them for years.

And the cosmetics. I do understand that many women enjoy cosmetics, but it shouldn't considered a necessity like soap or tampons. The way Self puts it I'm not taking care of myself when I don't spend 30 minutes each morning doing makeup.

What do you think? Does a woman NEED cosmetics and a new leather jacket in order to be socially accepted?