Thursday, September 3, 2015

My simple busy life

Starting this week, I'm studying in two full-time programs. Both require 75% attendance and are held daytime. I'm not even sure if this is logistically possible, but I felt like both of the programs are extremely important and big chances for me..
So I plan to study myself mad this winter.
I explained my situation to my family and I was promised support.

Even if I didn't want to have simple peaceful life, this would be too much busy for me.
How will I be able to manage?

So here goes the plan:

  • I don't hope to eat home-cooked meal before Christmas. 
actually, this is not true. We will share cooking, making food for 2 days each time we cook. This should be easy to handle.
  • I do plan to schedule at least one night a week where I do no studying.
  • I set 2 priorities and work towards them. If I have spare time, I can also do other things
1. Health. and it includes emotional, mental and physical.
2. Studies
  • I Hope to work out at least once a week and walk every day.
  • I will block most of the time-consuming social sites in my browser for the majority of time, to create some more time and efficiency.
  • I will shut down my computer one hour before bedtime each night, to grant myself better sleep. In lack of time, I rather rise an hour earlier.
  • I wear easy same kind of outfits so I don't waste time on clothes picking.
  • I try to do things as many things as possible in advance to save time for unexpected extremely busy times. 
  • I will keep my eyes on the prize - this is temporary and I'm doing it for myself.

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