Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I got rid of in august

What I got rid of:

cover stick ( my skin has been good lately, and probably it's aged)
green mascara (why did I even have that?)
body glitter (I used to dance and preform a lot, but I gave up preforming years ago)
'stardust' eyeshadow  (same here)

Big bag of clothing. I took a few hours and 'shopped' my wardrobe. Everything I wouldn't buy again left the house. I didn't bother counting.

Lots of jewelry.
6-10 pairs of earrings, 3-4 necklaces, 2-5 rings, 5-7 bracelets.
I didn't really count, just took everything that I felt no longer served me.
I didn't even know I still had so much jewelry :)

A board game I really didn't like.

An extra blanket.  We used to have 2 extra blankets, now we have one. Since we're living in cold climate, an extra blanket is a must on extra chilly nights. But I tried to remember when was the last time we used 2 extra blankets at once... I couldn't remember.

2 old smartphone covers that I thought I might want to use again.. But they've been idle for almost a year.

A car full of old school notebooks from my childhood home. I threw away everything except Greek and French. I sometimes like to remind myself of the languages I've learned.

A capsule coffee machine. I got it for Christmas from my in-laws and I used it rarely. And the last time I used it it broke and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Actually I'm happy about it. Now I have more space on my kitchen counter.
Kitchen utensils holder. I used to have 2. Now I have 1.

A coffee mug. This is not related to the coffee machine, the mug was old and broken.

A big bag of stevia leaves. They cause me headaches and because of that I don't use them.

Magazine subscription.
A few books.

Half or my Bloglovin and Youtube subscriptions
These were the definitely the hardest this month

The only things I threw away was one pair of shorts(they were really old), underwear, notes and old makeup. Everything else was donated, paper was recycled.
I've gone through my wardrobe for quite a few times by now. And the funny thing is - each next cut is easier than previous one.

What I got in August:
Box for keys. We have many bundles of keys and until now they were all over surfaces, now they're in a box on the wall.

What I replaced
Backpack. I needed a new one to replace my old schoolbag type of bag. The old one had little support and didn't fit my laptop too well, but since I carry my laptop around daily it was really uncomfortable. So I got a backpack designed for laptops. I kept the old bag for now until I figure out if I know someone who could use it or what to do with it.

Hiking/walking shoes. Old ones had big holes both in front and back and started causing me blisters. They were at least 4 years old and used almost daily, so no wonder.

Long skirt. I damaged seriously my previous skirt when travelling in Tunisia. But since I travel and go to different cultures I feel like I truly need to have a skirt that would respect any culture's need about how covered a woman should be.

Sandals. Since I threw out my sandals last month I didn't have sandals at all. Since It's usually not so hot I can always wear closed shoes, but after I month I still decided I would prefer to have sandals in summer. So I ordered a pair online.

It was a lot of replacing this month. I guess it's because the fall is coming and I wanted to enter the new season without any worries about my gear

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  1. You got rid of a lot of things. I need to do some sort of fall cleaning in my house too because I know there are many things I can let go of and make room for new.