Monday, August 24, 2015

Some my favorite non-material and minimal gifts

I wrote about my ideas how to deal with presents when you're trying to minimize your stuff. So I figured what would be the gifts that go well with this.

time and attention
the most valuable thing to get from someone. Take them out for a long walk, cook a dinner together
food and drink
tickets to events
charity work
go donate blood together, help animal shelters, there are schools being re-built in Nepal that could need a donation. Make your gift also gift for someone in need.
visit to a photographer
spa treatments
trip to somewhere 
sunrise in a bog, paintball, parachute, exhibition, snowshoeing, cooking/dancing/photography/robotics/etc class

and the most important - gifts are a way to say someone 'you are important to me'.
Don't look bad upon something you didn't want. Someone has put thought and effort into it.

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