Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pros and cons of container gardening

Container garden is a type of garden where you keep your plants in all kinds of containers instead directly in the ground.

It's pro's are:

You don't need a yard or a garden
Most of us don't have a garden. But with just some soil, container and a seed you can have a container garden.
You can have a container garden literally anywhere. Having a flower pot on your windowsill is a container garden. And you actually don't even need a window, since you can use artificial lighting. Have you heard of Click & Grow yet? :) (If you haven't, this is not advertising, it's my personal note to you. They're making history in container gardening indoors. Take a look at their blog and Instagram :)

You can bring greenery anywhere
This is really just continuing previous point. Using containers, you can bring trees and strawberries to your balcony and flowers to your doorstep. When you're living in a big city, having your own green space will be a real treat.

You can do it in small space
A flower pot does not need much space. But it creates a great atmosphere. And it's really amazing how much you can grow if you have a square meter!

You can rearrange as much as you want
Planting something into the ground usually means that you will leave it growing there. Planting something into a container gives you freedom to arrange your containers as much as you like. You can even move and take your containers and plants with you.
It's really useful when you have flowers with different blossoming times. So you can always keep the plant with the most blossoms on the most visible spot and change them when blossoming ends if you like.

It's less work
Having a real garden means digging through it at least once a year and constant weeding. I've had a garden, I know.
Growing in containers means minimum amount of weeding and instead of digging, you just pile up and smash all the soil into if plants die.

You can grow plants with different requirements.
Cactus wants different soil than tulips and tulip wants different soil than blueberries. Having one traditional flowerbed means that you can't create different soil conditions for each of them. Or maybe with lots ow hard work. But the soil and drainage will still be mixed. Growing each type of plant in different container lets you create different soil conditions.

You can do it in cold climate
Growing anything in cold climate is a lot of work. After planting something outdoors you will be praying every night in hope there will be no frost. And if there is, the plants will probably be dead or their growth is stopped for a long time.
Planting in containers means you can start them indoors (you would be doing it anywhere in cold climate) and if  it get's warmer you can keep your planters outdoors at daytime and indoors at nighttime (notice the usage of 'if' instead of 'when':). And if it should get warm, you can leave them permanently outdoors and already have fruits and flowers when others still have small sprouts in their gardens.

More variety
Of course you can plant into a traditional planter. And if you'r growing crops you probably should. But for entertainment you can also plant into an old shoe, chandelier, soup pot, old sink, chest of drawers, anywhere really. You can keep plants in the ground with their container or hang in the air. You can really use your imagination and get crazy if you wish.
Some ideas for inspiration


At first it requires more money
Because in addition to usual costs you also need planters.
But like I already mentioned, you don't need traditional planters. And once you get them you can keep re-using them.

It needs more watering
When plant is in ground, it can last without watering for days. Keeping them in containers means daily watering. And in hot days multiple times a day.
(but there are clever ways to automate watering)

Being allergic to mould or pollen makes plants sometimes hard to tolerate. Don't container garden indoors when you have allergies!

You need to keep fertilizing
Having very little soil around the roots (compared to flowerbed) means the plant will use the nutrients in the soil quite fast. To keep your containers from turning into desert it would be wise to keep adding fertilizer weekly so that plants have power to flower.

So these were some reason I'm totally in love with container gardening :)
I'd be happy to get some more ideas, why it's the best.

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