Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Three sites that inspire me

I used to be fan of many fitness-themed blogs, lifestyle look-what-I'm-wearing blogs and many other blogs.
But as I have been minimizing and simplifying many other aspects of life, I've done the same in with my social media and the blogs I follow.
So, at the moment there are not that many blogs/sites that I seriously believe in and follow daily.

1. The first favorite is undoubtedly becomingminimalist.
Like I just mentioned simplifying life is a big deal for me at the moment.
It's probably the only blog that I actually read from top to bottom and vice versa each time it's updated. It has given me a lot of inspiration. I'd say finding this site changed my life.

2. The second one is about photography, ideals, and yet again, simple and minimal-style.
Unsplash is a site where free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos are shared regularly. They have amazing photographers and just the style that I feel inspiring at the moment. So whenever I need a small trip to the fantasy wonderland, I head to Unsplash and spend some moments with their photos.

This site is so amazing that I'm going to share some of their photos right away.

Amazing, right :)

3. And the third one is kind of lifestyle, kind of green, and a lot of fun bicycling promoter. All of wich are important to me as well.
The author has the best sense of humor, really good drawing skills and belief in biking. I got hooked from the first time I visited her site.

there are of course more blogs that make my jaw drop and get inspiration flowing. They don't make to the top 3 but are worth mentioning: http://www.exploringalternatives.ca/ and http://thebarefootbudget.com/.

I can promise, time on those three sites will widen your perspective.

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