Monday, July 27, 2015

What I've gotten rid of in july

Since, I've been going through my things for more than a year now, it's not that easy anymore to find things to reduce.

Luckily I discovered, that I hadn't gone through my bookshelf before. Not once! So I corrected that mistake and chose a bag full of books to donate. Most of them were books I'd bought while travelling. You know the feeling when you're stuck in an airport and you finish your book and there's still 4 hours to go.. ?  Most of the books I had never read after getting home.
Going through my books was really easy, since it was the first time.

Secondly,  I looked at my collection of scarves critically. I wear scarf most of the days. In winter I even wear 2 at once sometimes. So I need a few scarves, to be able to clean them and still have something to wear. But still, I was easily able to find 3 scarves to donate.

Thirdly, I bagged most of magazines I found from home ( I have to say most, since I left my Love his 3 Playboys since he was a single man and for myself 3 magazines I brought when I lived in South America:).  I'll take them to paper recycling when I'll go around there.

Fourth, I threw away some underwear that didn't have the look or fit anymore. You know.

Fifthly, I threw away an old shopping bag that had so many holes that I didn't find any point in mending it again.

Sixth, I chose two handbags to donate. One was a retro one I really like, but I've never used it. Maybe someone else will use it. Second was something my mom gave me but I never liked and I finally gathered my courage to donate it.

Seventh,  a broken planter. I must admit I broke it myself, because I had to re-pant a tomato plant and I couldn't get it out of the old planter.

Last, a pair of sandals. They were so worn they would have probably broken the next time I'd word them.

So even I've been minimizing for a while I actually got more that 2 bags of stuff to donate (and some to throw). I could have found more books to donate, but I'll go through them again. The journey is my destination :)

about the 'intake'.
from not absolutely living necessities (food&medication&toothpaste&fuel) I bought concert tickets. But they don't really count since a concert is an experience not a thing. Also, I go to concerts really rarely so it's a big experience for me :)
Then I bought a fertilizer for my garden. I don't think it counts also, because even though I can live without it, my garden can't.
A glue to fix my shoes. I could choose between getting new shoes or getting glue. With the second choice my shoes will probably last at least until the end of summer.
The only  unnecessary & thing  thing was a face serum. I'we always wanted to try one and I'm happy I did. I even might buy a new serum after I finish this one.

I find it more easy to track the thing that I get rid of and the things that I get. Until this balance stays negative, I'm going in the right direction.

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