Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Welcome to my garden

This is my little garden I'm really proud of.
I'ts  a container garden around my apartment entrance door on around 2 square meters.

I started it last year with some spinach and flowers. And since it turned out really green and flowery on such a little area and it was space I created my own.. it felt really good to have and I started my garden again this spring.
I really enjoyed my spinach plant last year, but the seeds I bought last year didn't sprout this year. At least now I know that I need new spinach seeds every year :)
But I have a strawberry, tomatoes, salad, peppermint, parsley. Also flowers.
It's really amazing how much you can grow on a little area, given that you take good care of it.

Last year it needed investing in planters and seeds and I bought many bags of soil and needed to build some stuff. But this year it has needed just care, love and sunshine :)
I'll need to buy some more fertilizer. For aphids I just use coca-cola.

One thing that really surprised me was that at spring, when I start growing plants on my window ( you need to do that around here, because the summer is too short and the plants wouldn't reach maturity otherwise) I really need to fight for getting them big, getting enough light, getting them to sprout. But when the plants are already growing, and after planting them outdoors.. The main energy goes to fighting AGAINST the plants growing too much.. I still have to figure how much greenery is enough for my little garden.

So, this is my garden.
I often spend time sitting on my doorway and looking at the plants and bees flying around the flowers or drink coffee and read a book. I really feel like it's the best use for the 2 square meters I have around my front door and that this space gives me back a lot.

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