Tuesday, July 21, 2015

where happiness comes from

I was wondering what makes me happy while I was cleaning my late grandma's house.

And I found that

happiness comes from cuddling with my Love
from eating home-grown strawberries with my mom
from long walks with my dog
from making someone smiling or laughing
from doing nice little things for others
from travelling
from doing something I thought I wasn't able to do
from achievements
from getting better after being sick
from kind words from someone
from a call or a mail from a friend
from finishing a chore and getting some rest afterwards, knowing that all that needed to be done is done.
from a sunny day after some bad weather
from first snow
from seeing baby animals!
from snorkeling
from being in nature
from being in beautiful surroundings
from dancing to music

And from thinking about the things that make me happy.

writing down this list, made me smile for the whole time :)

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