Monday, August 17, 2015

How to deal with presents

My mom brought me a dress as a gift from her vacation. I do like to wear dresses, but what will I do with a dress that doesn't fit our climate, my style, body type or even my size?

So these are my thoughts what to do with presents you don't need.

1. Prevent them

Like with anything , it would be best to prevent things from happening.
If your friends and family are able to accept 'no' then just say that you don't need gifts to feel special. Or try to at least explain that you don't need any more stuff. People and experiences are so much more important than gifts.
If not, say what you would like.

Ask for things that you actually need, you can get rid of after using (like food and flowers) or non-material gifts.
It still gives freedom to choose for the person who is going to make you a gift, but if all goes according to plan, you will get something you won't regret.

I usually say what I would like to get for birthday or Christmas. For vacation gifts most of the people know that local sweets and drinks and earrings are my thing (except my mom, apparently:).
I said I need an oven pan and I was lucky that my family got it for me for Christmas. For my last birthday I said I don't want any 'things' and my friends brought me a collection of home made jams and pickles. I really  liked this gift.

With the thing's you've already gotten it's a bit more difficult.

2. Find use for them

Let's say you got a mug for present and you already have hundred mugs. Maybe some of your old mugs could be replaced? Maybe you store your pencils in an ugly plastic container and this mug could be perfect for containing pens? Maybe you like container gardening and you could use the mug as a container for some plants?
Try to be creative. The unusual usage gives so much more value to a usual gift.

3. Is there anyone you know who really needs it?

I don't mean you should re-gift it. But just give it to someone who would actually benefit and be thankful for your present.

4. Take photo of the item

This is my solution to so many problems - take photo of the item before donating it.

5. Keep it

Even the gifts that don't serve purpose in your life. Keep them if you like them. I quite often put them into storage box for a while until I feel ready to let go of the item

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