Saturday, August 22, 2015

I failed meditation challenge

Most of the people now days seem to be doing all those xx-day challenges. It can be about learning something or exercise or anything. But it seems like everyone is doing them.

And I also noticed many people struggle with those.
I must be one of them since I just realized I haven't meditated in a week.. and I'm supposed to be doing 30-day meditation challenge.

I usually try to start less things and finish all of them instead of having thousand things going on at the same time, so I'm kind of disappointed in my self. I was really hoping that this summer I'll gain a healthy habit of regular meditation.
This challenge wasn't even hard for me. It didn't take much time, I really enjoyed it. But I was busy and forgot and...

This was the second challenge in my life (this sounds differently from what I planned :) and I'm glad to admit that the first one was 30-day minimalism challenge. And that one I've done twice. It is just really relaxing and fun for me. Sometimes I swap some of the daily tasks, for example when it's clear it's not possible to not go to food store on no shopping day.

I do understand that the point of challenge is to be challenging. It wouldn't be called challenge if everyone completed it.
But at the same time.. it's just a game we like to play with ourselves.
So what, if some people start new 30-day challenge every week and abandons old ones?

Now I need to go and meditate for a bit :)

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