Monday, August 10, 2015

Some more ways to relax

So many ways to relax that are forced upon us are related to consuming, shopping, eating, or mindlessly sitting before different kinds of screens. No wonder people tend to gain weight and be sad.

So, these are my favorite ways to relax.

This is THE best way. I really enjoy wondering around, just going where my feet take me without any destination in my mind. Sometimes I listen to music or audiobooks at the same time. Other times I take camera, dog or my Love or all of them with me. No matter the weather (and it rains, snows, hails and freezes often around here), good walk will always relax my mind and lift mood.

Books and stories
I've always loved to read. Around 5 years ago I also discovered audiobooks and both of these ways are great to take in stories and ideas. If the weather is nice, I take my book outside to get some sun, in winter I enjoy it bed with some tea.

I strongly prefer dancing, stretching and yoga, but any kind of exercise works. This is controversial to do something energetic to relax, but it works multiple ways for me. I can get the energy out so I feel more calm (and sleep better) and it clears the mind. Half of the time we need to relax our brains more than our bodies.

And I don't mean computer games. (but I must admit that I love strategy computer games). We often play chess, dominoes, chinese chess, boardgames. I even have a few games I can play alone.

Not doing anything
This is definitely the most challenging way of relaxing. most of the people are not able to be idle.
People always end up using smartphone or cleaning home or something. My favorite place to do nothing is hammock. I generally find doing nothing outdoors more enjoyable than indoors.
Like sitting in a park, forest, beach.. or relaxing in a hammock.

there are some other activities I do like meditating. But I must admit I do not find meditating as relaxing. It does calm body and mind, but it lacks some enjoyment I seek in relaxing.

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